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Software is the most essential part of any business. Faulty software is the main reason due to which businesses lost their previous clients and users. Besides this, it also causes a decrease in revenues, security breaches, and other issues. To overcome these things, every business needs to consider QA & software testing. Moreover, various businesses globally carry out software testing before releasing a product. Hence, if you are releasing new software or updating an existing one, it’s highly crucial to consider software testing.

We at Anayal, a QA and Software Testing company utilize the best tools, technologies, and methodologies to carry out testing for any software, whether it’s desktop, web, or mobile app. Our dedicated team of testing experts follows the best practices and processes to provide software that is reliable, secure, and robust.

Our Software Testing Services We Offer

Functional Testing

We provide extensive functional testing services to validate all the functional requirements of your software and make sure it works as planned.

Test Automation

We provide next-gen test automation services right from planning of test strategy to selection to tools to execution of the strategies for faster software release into the market.

Usability Testing

Opt for our top-quality usability testing services for your software. We understand user behavior & identify usability flaws by applying specific tactics and then deliver seamless software.

Performance Testing

We provide performance testing services & follow an extensive testing process to identify the speed, stability, and scalability of your software and then make sure it performs as needed.

Security Testing

We offer best-in-class security testing services to ensure that software data is secure and functionality works as needed. We analyze all the attacks, vulnerabilities, shortcomings to provide highly-secure software.

Mobile App Testing

Our result-driven mobile app testing services claim that your app is fully-functional, secure, scalable, compatible with multiple devices, and offers a seamless experience to the users.

Our Software Testing Process

We follow a 4-step process to test any software, whether it’s a web, desktop, or mobile application.

Key Benefits of Software Testing

There are many benefits of software testing for every online business. Here we present some main benefits your business can get from software testing:

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We build durable solutions

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Our QA team closely reviews your software for even the smallest business logic issues or general codebase flaws.

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We employ hardened encryption protocols to keep your software secure from hackers and other malicious actors.

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We design with maintainability and scalability in mind, using a multi-tiered architecture that allows for rapid code changes as needed.